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Did you know that termites can go months or even years without being detected? For that very reason, they are known as the silent destroyers of homes and office buildings. Not only do termites attack wood, they devour anything with cellulose-based material such as dry-wall, paper materials, furniture and even insulation.

Not only do termites cause over 5 BILLION dollars in damages each year, there are no insurance companies that cover these damages.

TermitesPreventing and controlling termites and other wood-destroying organisms is an essential part of maintaining your home and/or business. Selecting the right service provider can make all of the difference and ensure that you get the results you expect.

Our termite protection program utilizes Termidor®, allowing Hummingbird Pest Solutions to correct and/or prevent termite infestations with minimal disturbance to your home, business and the environment. Hummingbird Pest Solutions has highly trained technicians to ensure the highest level of protection against termites.

Hummingbird Pest Solutions Pest Elimination Program offers services that are all covered by a No Nonsense Damage Repair Guarantee. Hummingbird is committed to providing quality services and treatments, and we work hard to ensure that your Termidor® termite service program is both simple and effective.

Many Termite & Pest Control companies visit customer’s homes infrequently and still they send multiple invoices that can be confusing and leave customers questioning what services were provided. At Hummingbird, we use a simplified billing method which provides customers with regular, easy-to-understand invoices, so there’s never any doubt of the value of the services being received or the amount you are being charged.