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The proper control of insects and other pests is an important consideration for homeowners in Florida. Hiring the right service provider can make a big difference in whether or not you achieve the results you expect. We have dedicated ourselves to providing reliable and effective pest removal services, while disturbing your home and personal environment as little as possible.

Pest-ControlOur Pest Elimination Program ensures we visit your property regularly to perform all the necessary treatments and inspections to rid your home of all types of pests. All of these services are covered by our “No-Nonsense” Damage Repair Guarantee and are invoiced using our simplified billing method.

Our unique billing method providers our customers with simple and easy-to-understand invoices. There will never be any doubt what our customers are charged and what pest control services we have provided.

As part of our pest control program, Hummingbird Pest Solutions also uses the industry’s most efficient routing software so that our service schedules are optimized, which helps to lower our fuel consumption and cost. It also helps reduce the need for any unscheduled service calls.